The Fringe Cafe & Restuarant, Newtown - inner Sydney

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A lazy Sunday morning in May - and one that was particularly hard to jump out of bed! There are clumps of cafes already open near the Dendy Cinema and the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts along the main thorough fare of King Street in Sydney's answer to Melbourne's Chapel Street - Newtown, accessible by both train and bus, down the road from Sydney University and a hub for a smooth and easy weekend start. Weather was rather perfect for the month of May - so far - and people like me were crawling out of the woodwork of a late Saturday night.

So we needed a wake me up call - and we found this in a corner cafe at the junction of Egan and King Streets.  We were initially attracted to the mural graffitis along Egan, but I have always walked past the Fringe and wanted to check it out. Service was quick and informal. Seated near the kitchen may have got the food out fast but the young staff approached in a friendly manner. You could choose between bar styled benches inside or on or usual cafe tables inside or outside. I noted the distinct use of red in the decor, and I shall refer this cafe to as the Red Fringe in my own mind. Its long side is a bonus in my reckoning, offering more perspectives and better utilitarian options for guests in a rather crowded Newtown landscape.

Once again, the eggs stood out, especially my choice of scrambled. The coffee blend was on the strong side, not over milky and an oomph in taste. The Fringe is also a great place to watch the world pass by - and in this context, the parade of locals, day trippers, mates and shoppers.  The morning menu at the Fringe is not over done and in my eyes just right, to fit their key markets of brunch, twenty somethings and a place to frequent for a resident. We did not feel rushed nor did we get bored. We could reply to sms texts from our mobiles, we could chat of the lazy things in life and we could catch  up with friends.  The ambiance is not rustic nor bohemian, it was just contemporary and clean. Having said this, the Fringe is also known for its grills in steaks and seafood at night.


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