Spring Boarding

To do something unconventional takes guts. Beyond circumstances, above reproach and surpassing all previous certainties. Perhaps the only underlying motive is "Why not?"

Think of the last time each of us as individuals did something remarkable. Truly ground breaking, when compared with society's expectations, our own expectations and that of our loved ones. When we do break barriers, whether of spirit, our own constrictions or way of thought imposed on us, this act involves risks but also beckons with opportunities. Maybe it is also the person moving on to such dimensions has long ago prepared himself or herself to be able to do it, when the time arrives, when the bridge has to be crossed and before it is too late. I envisage such a scenario when the action is taken and has to be taken is like a diver spring boarding away, and giving us the surprise twist, but that moment of projection and twirl projects all sorts of emotions and thought on the part of observers. However please notice how calm and focused this diver is, as if he had been waiting for this precise move all his life, accompanied with all the vibes of liberation, purpose and strident focus.

Not every one can do this. It takes boldness, imagination and a certain character. When we break out of the mould, when as if the butterfly flies out of the cocoon and when spring boarding changes all rules, the very act also helps observers and initial sceptics to move out of their assumptions, stance and perhaps comfort zones. It can be transforming a critical way of changing thinking, roles or way of doing things. Observers may try to rationalise that , oh, that person has always wanted to do that. Maybe not. The significant change acted upon may occur precisely due to the alignment of the proverbial moon and stars - the readiness, the affordability, the want, the boldness and the support all blending into a heady "Yes!".

This can describe procrastinations suddenly reversed, a natural flowing in of just doing it or the crossing over of the river tempting us for so many years. Often what can be lost is less than what can be gained. The most satisfying sensation is having the full knowledge of self-navigation and not being forced by others into all this change. Precisely because it is such a personally driven determination and passion to make such a mind-bending decision, the resulting decision is easy to make, and the consequent doing is even easier and more enjoyable to execute. Once the diver accelerates his whole body and runs into the space beyond the plank, he does not look back but simply propels himself fully forward.

This past week I have had to come hard to understand why three persons I know rather well have chosen to springboard in their very unique, personal and special ways. In the beginning, as an observer, I was confused. When I realised that I was not just an unaffected pavement stander, I wanted to understand why, but had all my prejudices, fears and unresolved issues project on to the decisions of my brave friends. When I tried to remove my own feelings on what they were doing - and allowed their perspectives full flow and reasoning - I was also freed up, mentally following their projections above the springboard. And I learnt and maybe, hopefully and instinctively understood better - the joy and freedom of personal spring boarding. Many thanks to Christopher, Richard and Tim for opening my eyes.


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