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Drew had introduced me to this unique delight, Messina gelato made in the best traditions of Sicily, home of the classic movie Cinema Paradiso and the origin of many immigrants to Australia in the fifties and sixties.

Famiglia Palumbo started his business in Darlinghurst’s Victoria Street near the entrance to the Kings Cross precinct of Sydney. There I was, with Drew, ravishing a cone or two as it approached midnight. I am not sure whether it was the secret delight of enjoying ourselves in the city centre late on a Sunday night that added to the high sensation of taking in beautifully made gelato.

Gelato Messina has since opened another outlet, in the refurbished Star near Darling Harbour. (picture above) The range here is perhaps less, but there are always the reliable combinations of Italian nougat and tiramisu, chocolate and raspberry sorbet, coffee and hazelnut plus pandan coconut and passion fruit. I am told there is now a range of monoporzione ( or Italian for “single portion” ) with names like Bity Bity and Mini Me, but I was too preoccupied with the gelato to notice on my most recent visit. This is in addition to their ever popular gelato cakes.

Janie and Lai were with me on this visit to t Star outlet, and Janie did find the Messina version too creamy, having expressed a preference for the gelato from Dolcesimmo in Sydney’s Haberfield.

The Darlinghurst outlet is open from noon till 1130pm every day, whilst The Star branch operates from 11am to 11pm. My impressions on the Messina Gelato outlet at Sydney’s Star are:

Atmosphere: Informal and Cool.

Location: Touristy.

Taste: Refreshing and Nice.

People Engagement: Friendly and Focused.

Service: Patient and Ready.

Best Time to Visit: Late at Night.

My Fav Dish Experienced: Coconut, Lychee and Mango Sorbet

Would I Return? : Yes.


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