A Certain Joy and Flow

I had to confront getting done a task which I avoided for long, tried to rationalise that it would be right if they are still left unattended and have virtually done nothing about an evolving situation. Once I got to gradually chip at the bricks, so to speak, I moved on to a synergy that was unstoppable - and results began to show and shape out. In between the commencement and completion of this task, I also had some passing insights of things, which did give me an inner glow of a certain joy and flow.

Re-discovering the strength of survivors. Our inner passions and determination are not to be under estimated. A roadblock or distraction cannot undermine a solid purpose. Even if we are totally discouraged at one point in time, the core of want and aim are like roots and seeds hidden underneath the soil, ready to spring back to reality and growth. In the movie Hugo, the child characters wonder why they stumbled into mysterious leads, and reasoned that like machine parts, they were there to serve a purpose, even if not fully understood for most of the time.

Coming across the same old types of culprits, like bad old habits from the past. At times, there is a rhyme and reason, a pattern and a trend plus the adage that leopards cannot hide their spots. In figuring out what happened, even when we have some facts and evidence hidden from us, for whatever reason, I often reflect on past cases and experience. Culprits and troublemakers, if we try to follow and understand their motivation and path of thoughts, either do not veer from the familiar road or do so in a significant way. The eureka moment is to reckon their reasoning, what drove them and who made them like this. Then they are easier to read, even if they try to hide behind shadows, anonymity and manipulation of what is kosher.

Matter does get decomposed, once you have left them long enough. Baby boomers used to say "Take care of the big things, and the rest will be fine". To me, I take this as a judgement call. At times we have to pay attention to the details in order for the big things to work okay. For other scenarios, the big and smaller parts do have to synchronise. And yet on some other occasions, to our delight, if we ignore and procastinate, it may not matter. Do not be surprised though, that on matters involving love, kindness and friendship, they do get decomposed if one of the parties do not play their part - and may live to regret them. So never take some things for granted.

Some things, if nurtured right from the beginning, do keep on growing. Some people do not bother with manuals or guidelines. They prefer using instincts at the start, but when they encounter the proverbial storm or problem, it may get difficult to withdraw. The right beginning, the optimal conditions and the proper way to do things may sound boring or challenging, but once you have got them right, there is no looking back - the legs kick for a streamlined swim, the gait of the run is second nature and the hunch of the shoulder at the gym grows most perfectly.

Weeds thrive in niches, where they instinctively know are the last places to be noticed and culled. Most investigative and detective stories emphasise a solution in places, angles and corners that no one would ever look at. There is some thrill and fun in navigating from the obvious to the unobvious, and this is the stuff behind entertaining books and movies. Some professions, bodies and institutions are pretty good at carving exclusiveness and mystery, so that they are totally self-governed and do not have to handle the mess from others confronted in the name of equity, equality and fairness. Others make an apparent complicatedness and indignant righteousness about interference to fend off unwanted, prying eyes and ears. Some others use money and self-gratuitous titles as the barrier to unwelcome intrusions.


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