Kazbah at Darling Harbourside, Sydney CBD

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Think of tangine, hummus and tabouli. I was first introduced to Middle Eastern food by a mate Fred in Canberra – Fred has a rich French and Lebanese background, and so was the perfect person to do me the favour of opening my eyes to such cuisine.

I am now conscious of the variety of ingredients utilised in such fare, ranging from nuts, cereals, fruits, meats to grains – and how they are combined - to present such outcomes as saffron poached pear, tzatziki dips, harissa marinated and grilled octopus or lamb kafta – never ceases to amaze me. At times, I still get so confused with some familiar Greek dishes in the menu, but I reckon I should view all such dishes as cousins, inter related perhaps by geography and commerce. In the Wollongong area, the name Samaras stand out for such similar cuisine, located along Corrimal Street in the CBD area.

I had heard about Kazbah’s breakfasts and recently I had an opportunity to check this out at Sydney’s Darling Harbour (above pictures). The view by itself was inviting, the pace was easy on a lazy weekend morning and the décor interesting. I was taken aback by the choices just in the breakfast menu – sweet couscous, lamb mince, warm rice pudding, omelettes, pancakes and more.

Eventually I knew I had to try the combination that offered pork belly shish kebab, chickpea fritters, crème fraiche, baby spinach, roast tomato slices and poached egg – all topped up by
a capsicum sauce. (image below is the result of my half way going through this particular dish!)

Kazbah also operates restaurants at 379 Darling Street, Balmain and inside the Top Ryde Shopping Centre north-west of Sydney. This restaurant
emphasises on a n Moroccan theme.

My overall impressions of the Kazbah at the promenade in Darling Harbour’s Harbourside are:

Atmosphere: Relaxed and helpful

Location: Good views but a bit touristy for me

Taste: Exotic for me but Delicious!

People Engagement: I am happy

Service: With a smile

Best Time to Visit: Breakfast or Brunch

My Fav Dish Experienced: Chickpea Fritters with belly pork shish kebab and Poached Egg

Would I Return? : Yes


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