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Indian cuisine, together with Chinese, Thai and Italian, have been a mainstay in almost every large conurbation in Australia since the 1950s. Each of these cuisines have evolved from basic immigrant dabblings with Australian ingredients to styles of cooking available, especially these days in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, that are said to be more authentic, traditional and reflective of various provincial styles. One of my frequented places for Indian, just next in a neighbouring suburb, is Manjit's, easily spotted upstairs in one corner at one of the main traffic sets of lights in Corrimal, a location south of Bulli and north of Wollongong CBD. I always ask for their lovely concoction of mango lhassi (picture above) , the Indian-styled yogurt refresher essential on summery days, and also offered in plain or vanilla flavours.

Manjit's provides a lunch bento-style offering of the thalli, more than adequate for each person in three varieties of curry, two wholesome slices of naan bread (image above) and a serving of steamed basmati rice. The thalli offers tandoori chicken curry and lamb korma, popular choices in any North Indian experience, but I also appreciate their choice of fish curry, bringing me back memories of Kerala, Goa and Madras. The curry sauces are rich but tasty, not overwhelming and balances the coconut milk with the essential spices. If you are in a hurry through out a working day's lunch time, you can also have a takeaway box.

Manjit's has ample seating inside, but it is best to have a table along the verandahs when the climate is agreeable and the wind not strong. There, guests can not only look at the suburban vehicular and pedestrian traffic below in Corrimal, but also gaze at the lovely escarpment that surround Wollongong city and surrounds. Visitors coming from Sydney can try lunching there before heading to the outdoors on the NSW South Coast, as it is open every day and parking is relatively so much better than in most Sydney suburbs.

The creamy fish curry (above) is only one of my favourites at Manjit's. There is also the Moghul inspired Anarkali bite sized mutton pieces sauteed with tomatoes and onions and sprinkled with chopped mint leaves. Archari Tikka chicken is marinaded with a paste mixing coriander, fenugreek, mustard seeds and cumin paste, amongst other items.

One of the walls at Manjit's (above) has the following pronounced: "Today's beautiful moments make tomorrow's beautiful memories". My overall impressions of Manjit's, over the past several years, are:

Atmosphere: Relaxing
Location: Suburban pace
Taste: Just right
People Engagement: Always greeted by a smile and a name
Service: Quick and unintrusive
Best Time to Visit: For lunch
Fav Dish Experienced: Lamb korma
Would I Return?: Yes


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