Yarnsy's Cafe - Tarrawarna NSW

Jarris Shead and Thomas Bailey got their act together and in this new year have come up with an ambient and hipster venue for coffee and brunch.    Village like, inviting even from passing by and with a useful outdoor space in front, one feels like dropping by a mate's in a quiet suburb north of Wollongong city centre.   The local bus does drop by as well along meadow Street and you can do your chores near by after or before your cuppa - the post office, Criniti's veg and fruits, etc.   Yarnsy's is not far from the roundabout in Tarrawarna, where you may be familiar with the Dusk Cafe already.

I observe the extra effort with use of carefully thought of ingredients -  that captivating pomegranate, the whole sliced in half;  the colour of the beetroot smash, contrasting with the avocado wholesome green;  crushed nuts with texture on your palate;  marinade of meats;  the way the garnish is presented and comes on your plate; and the robust, daring cuppa from Toby Estate's blends.   Watercress, Papetas, art pieces, flower petals....they all add to a comfy blur of a good feeling.   

Mates and regulars gather on bigger tables outside, behind or in front of the counter.    People dropping by seem to know each other and feel relaxed coming in.    It can be compared to a house party, but a rather well behaved one.    If you come by your two spokes, there is so much choice in parking your transport wheels. 


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