Shantou Synergy - Life at the Grassroots

The Monkey King is popular.   China followed a one child policy for many decades until this was changed in 2016.

The Gu Chai Kueh or dumplings with chives.  Chinese cuisine consists of eight main regional flavours, with Guangdong; Shandong;  Beijing;  Anhui and Fujian;  Sichuan and Hunan; Zhejiang; and Jiangsu.   Teochew culinary dishes are a sub-set of the Guangdong tradition.

Sunday morning at the park, beside the thoroughfare of Hai Pin Lu.   Shantou enjoys a coastal climate and is geographically close to Hong Kong in Southern China.    The Tropic of Cancer crosses just north of the city.

The iconic fish balls.   Fishcakes, bean sprouts, lettuce and noodles often make a yummy piping hot soup, popular in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia as well.

The Carousal ride at the Shipaotai or Stone Fort Park.

Goose liver slices at dinner time.   The Lion Head goose variety is much appreciated here for roasting and steaming.

The classic Orh Lua or oyster omelette, with which tapioca starch is utilised to bind the eggs and raw oysters.  Other iconic dishes are the Chai Tau Kueh, a savoury stir fried white radish and rice flour cake, served with eggs, bean sprouts, soy sauce, spring onions and dried shrimp;  the Orh Nee or taro paste dessert; the Kueh Chap, a savoury mix of flat and broad rice noodles, dark soy sauce, braised duck meat, various bean curd slices, pig intestines and slices of preserved eggs;
the Mee Pok, stirred with sauce, mushrooms, dumplings, minced pork and garnish;  the Kiam Chai Ark Thng, duck served in a soup with tomatoes, preserved plum and vegetables; and the Ngo Hiang, deep fried spring rolls with a dash of five spice powder, minced pork and crab or prawns wrapped in a bean curd wrap.

Some thing I have never come across at lunch  - can some one please let me know what this is.

At the river front.   This promenade also has an interesting display of stone creatures, pavilions, ships and fishing boats along the walk path.

Street vendor all dressed up!

Chicken ready to be bought at the Shantou wet markets.


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