Health and Politics

If we earnestly want to protect our body and its physiology, we do all we can to prevent infection. We instinctively avoid allowing entry of bad bacteria and strengthen our body's immunity and natural defences.

We become disciplined ourselves to ensure the best in what we eat, how we keep fit and the way to practise what we believe in. 

Where bad bacteria gets one part of our body to be infested, we do what we can early to rid the cause of the problem. 

We take steps to contain the situation. We do not continue to carry on our previous policy in how we behave, in effectively managing the risks of getting infected again.

We look at the facts, we do not chatter away but immediately take action to protect what is all right with us and remove the source of what is affecting our overall health. 

We do not give excuses to ourselves. We are conscious of the medicines we take, the side effects and are serious in building up a database of our health treatment and related checks. 

We seek as much information to help ourselves foremost and not facilitate the agendas of others which do not help maintain or nurture our interests.

We maintain a healthy and balanced mindset to acknowledge and appreciate about what is still right about our body and health. We become determined to ensure our integrity and inner happiness is not further infringed upon. 

We do not underestimate the intents of and damage from bad bacteria or viruses. Negative bacteria will attack the weakest point in our body's process chain. 

We seriously carry out checks and controls to ensure maximum prevention and minimise the possibility of such bad bacteria creating havoc to our bodies ever again. 

We first spend whatever money we have to defend ourselves and make us stronger, instead of anything else. 

We ensure the bad bacteria remains with their ilk and have no means to ever attack our body again. 

We use our utmost intelligence to detect, prevent and remove the source of our body's ill health. 

We do not react only after each episode of symptoms experienced. 

Now just replace the word "body" with your own "country". Or "state" and "region". Even your "community", "neighbourhood" and "family".

The interesting part is your own personal, community and political leader's definition of "bad bacteria".


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