Scratch Coffee Co, Port Kembla NSW

On the main thoroughfare of what locals call  "the Port", or Port Kembla, south of Wollongong, a contemporary cafe has been operating near the iconic Tonito's patisserie and opposite the Foundery.   Further down and not far away is the coast and Port Beach.   

Scratch Coffee Co. opens early every day and Duanne is there at the counter with a lively female colleague who is engaging with the customers.  On a first visit, we encountered Peter, often accompanied by a lively child with bright eyes and an enthused personality  - I first got to know them  at a northern suburb cafe.   It is always a pleasure to chat with Peter and his enthusiastic family member.

Peter pointed out the spanking new grinder at the front of the cafe.   It shows the quality of a cafe set up and delivery when you have in-house ground blends and flavours.  Filters, blends, single origins and espressos are available in roasts.   The food offerings that day were limited to cakes and pastries, but they were presented lovingly in a low rise shelf and glassed display.    

The regulars were already there, a lady with a lap top and earnest look in focusing on the internet,  twenty somethings dropping by and a whole potential of the nearby residents.   Bluescope staff work in the nearby adjacent surrounds and in summer, the beach especially attracts weekend visitors.

Your Cuppa provided on ceramic.

I loved the coffee blend that morning - strong, flavourful and with an unusual overlay on the palate.  We could not resist another of Duanne's unique options - espresso served in a waffle.The espresso we requested was bold and infused into the rather strongly textured waffle fold.   

There is a bonus in this kind of serving - the waffle gave me a second chance to saviour the aroma of the espresso.  At the end of it, there is a quality chocolate at the waffle base, from which hints of it came through to the senses the further I finished the coffee.  

Scratch Coffee Co. is located at 9/173-174 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla NSW.
Opening hours are from 630am to 400pm on weekdays and from 800am to 400pm on weekends.
Contact   + 61 410 887 088