Whatever and However

I recall from Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Remaining loyal does not pay. That is, when dealing with certain business providers in our everyday routine lives.  When they want you, they woo you to the ends of the Earth. Once they have you, they eventually take you for granted.  Is this what we want in our society?  I am amazed at this attitude of not maintaining customer relationships. In my twenty years dealing with Australian providers,  I seriously am convinced of two things:

1. When they run shouting advertisements, out of the internet, print or telly, on their side, things are actually happening exactly to what they are desperately trying to tell us otherwise - when the catch cry is more captivating, be careful and be very afraid;

2. Like false love and friendships, such businesses court you only in the beginning. After that, I feel like an abandoned parent, of whatever gender, holding the infant (s) in my arms.

Pessimists amongst some I know further articulate that:

3.  Those whose role is to help are of no assistance at all.

4.  These businesses interact with customers without revealing their full agenda - and their front line staff dealing with customers are caught in a real conundrum.

5.  Despite with so much more means of communication to utilise, many more customers feel left high and dry - and not communicated with.  Communication happens most probably because they want to sell you more and milk your farm.

6.   Some can pull wool over our eyes for years.

The optimist in me discusses with my family and mates to:

a.  Always question and ask - assume they do not tell us everything!

b.  Realise it is imperative to do our own research and information search.

c.  Acknowledge that things are not what they appear to be - monitor, check and reconfirm.

d.  Often get a second opinion - and ask why not?

e.  Make the effort to match and compare - review at least annually.

f.   Just enjoy the play with such parties - in the end, it is just a game.

g.  Learn to say "No" ,  "Why Do You Ask" and "I Am Not Interested" more often

h.   Know that there are cosmic forces in the Universe - what goes around comes around (Thank you, Justin Timberlake)