What Really Matters

It is not how much you bring home in pay or reward, but how you spend it to not just take care of yourself, but how you utilise it to make a difference for the individuals for whom you care about.

We cross paths with various scenarios, attitudes and vibes. How we choose to respond and react to them reflects our strengths, insecurities and inner soul. In the end it does not matter the swipes of discomfort, hurtful words some blurt out without much thought or the temporary joys of insincere praise, for what is of value shall grow within our hearts and nurture our being without such distractions.

Material things provide the illusion of possession and temporal soothing.  We come to our individual existence without such acquisitions, but as we live out life's journey, we partake, accumulate and dispense more important things than the latest electronic gadget or an abode bigger than what we need. Real wealth goes beyond the material and is truly shown in what we do when facing challenges, how we share when we experience joy and what we actually do when we have the choice to ignore, be involved or be  a neutral observer or listener.

I love the reality of things being not permanent. How wise this teaching brought to me, so that when I suffer negative episodes, I know it will not last and look forward to better dimensions. Wheh things are really thrilling and satisfying, I am humbled to know that I better truly enjoy this positive sensation to the utmost.  As I understand that things will change, it dawns on me to not take anything for granted, whether it is pain or the lightest, happiest feeling in the world.  This helps me to better manage letting go, whether it is the clutter in the house or past friendships that have gone past its shelf life.

The seasons are the best signs to remind us to be one with the natural cycles of life, growth and renewal. This can be experienced not just physically but also mentally and within our inner soul. The universe can be paradoxical, but maybe it just wants to give us variety and change to feed our lives.

Diversions and expectations are fun tests to our heart and mind. Changing our way of thinking can be as refreshing as changing our directional steps when walking in a garden that we have not visited before.  We can never know what to expect and there is the thrill of absorbing new things and adding to our understanding and continuing learning.

Meeting new people and visiting hitherto unknown places involves risks, but also offers new vistas and different ways of thinking. Falling back on the ritual of tradition, whether of family, culture or region, provides a safe haven in times of changing weather, fortune and experience.


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