Return To the Shire

The chocolate fondue is now served in a smaller container, but the slices of strawberry, banana and marshmellows remain.  The place is still a favourite of group meals, whether for work colleagues, birthday parties, families or teenagers in search of tasty pizza.  The front counter led into a packed hive of activity, passing on baked stuff, pasta concoctions and bowls of salad with fetta cheese or cooked chicken bits.
At the back, near the boys' room, I saw Indian guys carry in the heavy stiff of supplies and ingredients, even late in the evening.

What is this successful formula that encourages turnover in sales and sustains the return of repeat customers? Is it the location, the quick service or the generous amounts of food for a 30 dollar package?  I have always wanted to get those gelato containers sold from a fridge near the entrance. Personally, I like the pastas, with a light sauce, variety of flavours and servings more than any one can handle.  Parking is limited off the street and the restaurant lies between the Tom Ugly Bridge and Kirawee.

Friday evening, the first one  of December and I found myself on the main strip of Gymea.  The last time I was there I was on an auditing visit.  How long ago that seemed, and yet the experience is recollected with clarity.  I had found it a long way to drive down to Gymea from Sydney's northern suburbs at dawn, and to me then it was like being on the frontiers of the moon.  The Gymea Pub in 2009 has managed to find the right balance of informality, sufficient diversion and a generous amount of space for its patrons to scateer in groups or allow couples to settle in niche corners.  The main customer demographic wore thin light summery t shirts with tight fitting pants, mid-calf or long, and the most popular drink that night was the Bundaberg rum, mixed or straight.


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