Light and Easy

Ever since I was introduced to tea-infused cuisine in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year (refer to my posting "Catching Up, Three and More"), I have been eagerly looking forward to lighter, less oily and still tasty meals served with a kick to the palate. I recall the long beans and chicken servings, with the light aromatic infusion of oolong tea, with the refreshing feeling leaving the Purple Cane Restaurant in the heart of Kualla Lumpur's Chinatown.

It has not been easy to do so in Australia, with the summery barbeque stuff on the grill, the southern Chinese courses that can leave a certain thirst in the middle of the night and the bacon and egg blends of breakfasts at cafes here.

Then I remembered the unique Chinese and Korean dishes prepared at Towon along a quiet side of Victoria Avenue in Chatswood, north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.   I had a recent opportunity to partake some dishes there, which offered a change from the stereotypes of udon, sizzling beef plates and kimchi.   Instead my group of seven persons, from Carlingford, Auckland and Wollongong, dived into peppered chicken and pork fillets, seafood-laced tofu and Sichuan flavoured king prawns that stood apart from the normal perception - and taste of Chinese cooking.  Even the northern Chinese roast duck with wraps was a world apart from Beijing duck - it was afforded a different lean and mean twist.

There were two menus available, labelled simply as Chinese or Korean. Towon is no tea-infused place. However, the good taste was not accompanied by a dose of unhealthy ingredients and flavourings. What was rich admittedly is the dessert range, from deep fried ice cream to toffee bananas.


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