Thank You For The Music

The start of the Millennium is but a distant memory. The commencement of 2009 is more recent, but as we approach the second decade of the 21st century, here are some of the individuals who have energised me in such positive ways on my life’s journey this past year, mentioned in no particular order:

Mum – Madam Foo Gaik Hwa

Mr Dylan Smith

Uncle Jimmy Foo and Aunty Winnie

First Cousins Mu Lan and Susan Chan

Second Cousin Roy Lim

The Campbell Family of Woonoona, NSW

Mdm Roma and Mr Peter Karak

Niece Adelyn Yong

Aunty Foo Gaik Keow

Ms Lim Bee Keok

Mr Yap Boo Ann

Ms Lillian Ong

Mrs Janice Tinham

Mrs Charmaine Wan and her daughters Ashleigh and Caitlin

Mr Lim Yew Ting and family

Mrs Rosanne Humble

Ms Tan Mui Na

Mr Pete Cusack

Uncle Hong Beng and family

Mr Richard Bennison

Mr Robert Sim

Ms Joyce Cheam

Mr David Mason

Mr Dane and Mr Nathan

Mrs Nicky Bishop

Mr Andrew Mulligan

and more