Where To For Dinner?

The pork cutlets melted in my mouth this evening, especially with the luscious gravy served at Gambino's Corrimal NSW.

Such is the pleasure of finding a gem of an Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood. Add to this a most engaging customer relations lady who lifts up the conversation and makes us able to relax on a weekday night, particularly one with drizzling and persistent rain showers.

The quality of a suburb cannot be enhanced by too much vehicular traffic, the number of pedestrains and the presence of too many competing businesses. When one enjoys a group dinner, it is both the lovingly made culinary served and the level of meaningful conversation that make a delightful end to a mucky weather of a day.

I forget the cold as I fork into yummy marinated greens and potatoes on the side served with my mains. We do not have to walk far at all between the car and the restaurant. There is no limit on the amount of time we can linger at our table. We can all come home within 15 minutes, even if we do not really want to.

The way cities grow in some parts of the world's most populated areas means making it rare to experience such occasions savoured tonight. Just getting to the restaurant can be a challenge in logistics, even if it is supposed to feel hip. There may be issues and risks of personal safety navigating home after dinner. The restaurant may have two seating sessions, so either one dines too early or too late. There is an increasing trend amongst Asian outlets to accept cash only. The state of toilets in city restaurants can change one's mood for the worse. And then you have to locate your car in a multi storey park.

So you have your choice where you prefer to dine. 


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