It Can Be All Relative

11 degrees Celsius is nippy when you are used to 19. It can be so warm in comparison when you have had to put up with minus five.

Waiting for a commuter train that comes every 15 minutes is a pleasure when you are often subject to wait another hour after missing a train. 15 minutes is unbearable when you only wait every three minutes.

Driving for 500 kilometres on the road allows you to cross several countries in Europe. Being on the road for five hours in Australia still does not change the passing scenery.

Ten hours on a large ship cruise seems wasted compared to the same number of time discovering new cultures, food and port cities on a day trip to an exotic island.

When you are in the company of your special someone, a day feels like an hour but when you are stuck with some one else, an hour does seem to be a day.

When one keeps occupied and enjoys a journey no matter how long it takes, there is no expectation but only pleasure on savouring every moment of the experience.

At times, it is best not to label anything or preconceive matters. If one has already decided to dislike some thing with a closed mind, his attitude is coloured and limited. If one does not allow one bad experience to still open up and question why not, he has himself jumped over the roadblock to further evaluate what can be a better perspective.

Everything can be relative, delights do wait in the dark and things always change. The warm sun awaits you past the freezing rain. The destination can pale in rewards compared to gems come across on the journey. A moment's pleasure can lead to years of hard work but also quiet content. Years of hard and smart work do lead back to a grateful joy.

The length of time may not matter, but does allow a gradual build up of happiness. The best experience can be an unanticipated acknowledgement, a chance encounter or a simple smile.

There is no need to over plan. Go with the flow, do not overburden your body, allow the mind to go free once on a while.

Everything truly is relative.



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