Personal Thoughts, Actions and Attitudes

Listen to what your inner and outer worlds are trying to tell you. Take simple steps to more mindfulness, especially to fully appreciate the present and the now.
Quiet down the mind to a simple point of focus at least once every day. Saviour a soundless contentment.

Declutter to allow growth, let go of things that unnecessarily bind you and better accept change like those of the seasons. Acknowledge your own gratefulness, for things simple and more. Experience more and never corner yourself in. Allow our inherent creativity to unfold. Be conscious to be moderate in all actions.

Take more interest in new things beyond your routine. Never stop questioning. Always stop to consider other views and then decide yourself. Perception can be reality, but reality may not be the perception. It is better to know the cause than treating the symptoms.

Observe yourself, as if you are a third party, in your physicality, your emotions, your inner spirit and in your behaviour.

Realise your posture, examine your demeanour, feel the internal flows of vitality of your body. Breathe, smell, visualise, feel textures, watch closely and taste better. Increase the potential of what you can do as a human being in all senses of the word, in the mind, in the interconnectedness of things and in using Nature's gifts.

Know when to remain silent, know when it is necessary to speak out - at all times, exercise discretion to respect our friends and family but yet be bold when we need to.

Always dress up better than you know what you are.

Recognise doubts and non-beneficial habits for what they are - for you to remove, for you to be more determined to create your own path and for you to be more smart to achieve your own happiness. Awaken and recalibrate from every experience to sift out treasures hidden from you before, deescalate matters that materialism cannot offer and understand more deeply what are the more constants of life.

Plant a seed of positive energy and start ripples of your effort to benefit not only your family but also your community and fellow human beings. Delightfully surprise someone when they least expect it.

Make a start no matter how small a step it is. Persistence and yet also having a mindset of strategic flexibililty contributes to better outcomes in more significant ways than any other human attribute possessed or exercised. Let your dreams take shape like a spring from the high mountains and which eventually flows into the ocean through an intricate delta of a mature river.

Spend more time with a companion who lights a lamp in both your hearts, no matter what the weather.

Take comfort in the lessons and joys from the past, relish the rewards of the present and look forward to the future.



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