Encouraging Your Child - the Signposts

It is helpful during childhood, when parents do send consistent and backed up signals, measures and actions to their children that there are penalties for breaking rules which have been already and clearly articulated upfront.   It allows the child to demarcate parameters within which are acceptable and encouraged behaviours - and beyond which are no-nos with reasons and consequences.

Concurrent with rules, allowing your child to grow meaningfully is also to give them choices - and for them to realise that there is personal responsibility behind such freedoms.   Freedom when put into a context becomes more valued.

The world out there can be changed for the better - and parents demonstrate this to their children, not just talk about it.   Just the act of visualising various future scenarios can plant the seed in a child's imagination, passion and motivation.

Nurture your children to have a strong sense, reason and capability to not disappoint their parents.   There can be a healthy pressure that optimises a balanced level of effort and ingenuity initiated by a child.

Parents, who do not depend wholly on teachers and outsiders to help their children grow - in all aspects, in the heart, in supporting ethics, in embracing diversity, in shaping attitudes and in intellect - take effort to spend time and activity with their children.

Parents cannot set a child's personal aims, but can provide an enabling home culture of encouraging a mindset that things can be achieved.   Parents, who are seen working out issues, who overcome the consequences of mistakes made, who persist despite every day odds and who place priority on what is long lasting, can make many positive impacts on children, who will remember such behaviour and instinctively add these features to their own lives.

I reckon that you do not have to be a recent immigrant, a super intelligent person or have a burden of having experienced something severe, to motivate your child.    They look upon you, directly or indirectly, instinctively or guided, to help themselves form their own personality, strength of character and unique tools to successfully determine their world. 

Allow your children to best shape their own destiny.   In doing so, surround them with tools, not just mechanical and financial ones, but those that are also emotive, soul building and more reliable.


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