Black Star Pastry Kinokinuya Bookshop Galleries Victoria Sydney NSW

The new kid on the block has arrived, oh well, for a few weeks by now.

Apparently thousands of slices of the iconic watermelon and strawberry cake slices are shelled out every day across Sydney.   Now comes the new baby, with luscious and plump lychee yum yums resting on top of a multi-layered concoction, accompanied by the stronger flavours of raspberries.    Both fruits, one tropical and the other temperate, seem to symbolise Australia, where Asian meets up with Caucasian, all in a sea of ethnic diversity. 

Lychee has  a more subtle juiciness, but has its unique taste, by which the risks of it being over come by stronger and more acidic bites can occur.   This does not happen here, although raspberries are sweeter, but they do have more character.  So the choice of both toppings ends in a win win situation.   They look pretty as well, the neutral look of lychee being set off by the flamboyant raspberries.

I do find the layers of this creation interesting, with different sensations from the soft and hard options built for you.   Biting into the choc zone, I did think of dryness and had a flashing thought of the rather flexible bite from the watermelon-strawberry slice.   When I composed myself, I concluded that it is good to have a different make up, to provide contrast in texture.

The new kid costs more per slice and it will be interesting to watch the unavoidable comparison between the two royal siblings.

The Black Star Pastry visited is located at the Kinokinuya Book Store, George Street, Sydney NSW.   This is at level 3 of Galleries Victoria, accessible from Town Hall Station.

Opening hours are from  10am to 630pm every day, except for Thursdays and Sundays.  On Thursdays the opening hours are from 10am to 9pm.  On Sundays the cafe is open from 11am to 6pm.

Contact +61 2 9557 8656

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