Moorish Blue MacMahon's Point NSW

My group of six were made welcome to more than a restaurant - it was more like a home, a two level abode with different internal aspects, fascinating corners, several appointed segmented spaces and a spacious main dining area downstairs.   There were tables with bay windows with views of Sydney Harbour,  the Bridge tantalisingly visible behind some foliage.   There were other tables beside street level windows.   This is where the Moorish Blue has anchored itself, in a heritage building now decorated with Tunisian, Moroccan and North African designs and feel.    I was anticipating palm trees outside as well......

And all this within a village atmosphere leading down to MacMahon's Point.   Think of weddings, anniversaries, catering and the Harbour fireworks on New Year's Eve.

The colour blue has hues and delightful shades across the place - in the plates, on the tables, on rattan chairs and with variations on the walls.    Comfort cushions are provided on canteen like benches.   The ceilings are high.  There are nooks and corners to explore.  You can choose to sit outside with a lovable puppy watching guard with you.

Moorish Blue categorises its meal choices according to brunch, lunch, dinner, sets and catering arrangements.  

The main entrance from Blues Point Road.

It is always a good idea to relax with cocktails  - and the Moorish Blue has one named after itself, with the Curacao continuing its iconic colour theme, mixed with coconut rum and lemonade.   What about a Belly Dancer, which has Gin and Cointreau tempered with a  dash of fresh lemon juice?   It is not New York, but you can sample the Tunisian Long Iced Tea -    which has Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin and Triple Sec moderated with mint, home made lemonade and of course, a Tunisian brewed tea.    

For lighter stuff, try the Honey Apple Sangria, which includes peach Schnapps and has a dash of white wine and cinnamon.   The Medina has vodka tempered with vanilla, pear and cinnamon flavours, whilst you can go native with the Fig Calpirinha -  white rum shaken with lots of ice and freshened up further with lime and fresh figs.

To fire the imagination, Moorish Blue also offers Persian fairy floss in a Martini, with Vodka, Frangelico and ruby red grape fruit juice.   When it gets too hard to pick a cocktail from an extensive selection, just go for a familiar and popular one - the Paloma, with soda and fresh grapefruit juice tempering the Tequila.

Looking down from an upstairs window.

The main man at the bar was so engaging and friendly when we were there.  He did not make a fuss of us changing tables,  he made sure how we all felt about our experience in the restaurant and he let us enjoy his pet.    

The place filled up as we progressed through to dessert.  Infant Mica with us relaxed during the course of the meal, most probably not just looking at each of us but also soaking in the ambient atmosphere.    Dining tables were spaced sufficiently for each group to have their own world of conversation.   The wait staff were quick to their feet and cleared tables on a timely basis with a smile.

I recognised the Shakshouka egg dish from Shenkin's but was curious with the Cous Cous lamb salad, dressed in spicy Caraway or Persian cumin flavours and served with preserved turnips.   For brunch, there are two types of the Big Breakfast - one with cured beef or the Basturma, and another with vegetarian ingredients and saffron flavoured onions.

I was truly happy with my Cous Cous lamb salad.   The texture of this particular dishwas delightful, especially the Cous Cous blending in with the other ingredients -  and the resulting harmonious lull was only broken by small bite sized slices of lamb.

Shaushoka from the Moorish Blue.

Arabian eggs  -  fried eggs, cumin, lemon mint and chargrilled flat bread.

My Cous Cous lamb salad.

                                     Eggs Benedict with saffron Hollandaise and salmon.

Deep fried chicken wings - yummy and uplifting!

Carrot cake.

Tiramisu serve.

Hot choc with Persian fairy floss.

For lunch, I have eyed a course that consists of :

Entree -  A Baguette filled with capers, hard boiled eggs and tuna; or a salad of walnuts, rocket, crispy pear beetroot and goats curd.
Mains -  A grilled Barramundi graced by a salad of smoked veg; or a Moorish beef burger, that comes served with sweet potato chips, Harissa and smoked veg salad;
Dessert -  Pistachio Baklava or a Rosewater Pannacotta.

Highlights from dinner time are the Royal braised lamb, in a rather meaty platter that also serves a spicy lamb sausage (the Merguez) and chicken;  Tunisian Cous Cous accompanying Atlantic salmon, garnished by Harissa and preserved lemon; and best of all to me, a Mutton Backstrap, dressed by a spiced yoghurt and fried Okra and enhanced by an Aubergine stew (the Caponata).

The Harissa is a pounded paste that combines the spices of cumin with garlic cloves, ground coriander, fresh red chillies - and all seasoned with olive oil and salt. 

The Caponata is not just popular in Tunisia as a side dish and appetiser, but also in Sicily and Napoli.   It usually has chopped fried eggplants mixed with celery seasoned with vinegar and has capers added to enhance its overall taste.   Italian versions even add seafood like octopus, asparagus, grated dried tuna roe and shrimp - whilst vegetarian recipes may also add carrots, bell peppers, pine nuts, potatoes, raisins and olives.

The MB caters for functions like weddings, especially with pretty panoromic views from its two storey venue from a selection of different function rooms.

The Moorish Blue visited is located at 139 Blues Point Road, MacMahon's Point NSW, on the lower North Shore of Sydney beside Sydney Harbour.

Opening hours are from 12 noon to 10pm every day except Tuesdays and weekends; from 6pm to 10pm every Tuesday; and from 9am to 10pm on weekends.
Contact + 61 2 9929 8252

My impressions of the Moorish Blue at MacMahon's Point NSW:
Ambiance:  3.5 out of 5

Customer Engagement: 4 out of 5
Culinary Delight: 3.5 out of 5
X Factor:   3.5  out out of 5
Overall:     14.5 / 4  out of 5

My other recommended dishes from the menu are:

Salt cod Croquettes with a green chilli sauce called the Zhoug.

Moorish beef Burger.

Tunisian Brica - a runny egg turnover with salty flake tuna and potato.

Salt baked pumpkin with chives and Tahini yoghurt.

Persian Orange Syrup cake with blood orange fool and almonds.

Rosewater Pannacotta with chocolate fairy floss and strawberries.

Pistachio Baklava

Moorish Blue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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