85 Degrees Bakery Cafe Hurstville NSW

There are several outlets of this bakery cafe for several years now in Australia.  Did they coem from the USA?

Each franchised outlet is in a busy area, often in suburbs so-called by a diverse Asian demographic.   The one in Hurstville is rather roomy and lots of baked stuff on its shelves.   The base of Sydney operations is in Chester Hill, a suburb south-west of the Sydney city centre.

Some of the cake creations would be viewed as rather leaning on the East Asian dimension  - Strawberry Angel (with chocolate base and top) and Mango Cheese ( with yoghurt).   However, to counter this perspective, there are also Death by Chocolate, US Cheesecake, Coffee Brulee and Blueberry Marble options.    

The pastries are definitely filled with ingredients more suited to perhaps Anime loving fans and non-mainstream cultures - for example, garlic, pork, tuna, green tea, red bean, shallots, pork floss, coconut, Hokkaido butter cream and Boroh or pineapple buns.   Sung seems to be a variation emphasised by 85 Degrees -  you can have them in calamari and pork or or just in pork and refer to the original Rou Sung Bao or pork floss buns (with a milk bread base).

I am not a fan of milk based pastries but here we have the Milk Pudding, Creamy Bread, Cream Brulee, Japanese Cream Boroh, Snow Milky and Double Premium Milk pastries.   The coffee list is rather standard.   

Consistency in the outcomes of baked products can be so important and with a number of outlets, 85 Degrees also has a wide menu list.   Such a business thrives on turnover and I am sure they are keeping a constant eye on their output.

ToastEuropean   Japanese 
Toast Von Red BeanBaguetteCoconut Chicken Tail Bun
White ToastToast pizzaFrench Donut
Mini Butter French Soft GarlicJapanese Cream Boroh Bun 
Chocolate Chips BunFrench Cheese SticksRed Bean Bread
Walnut Honey RollsFrench pizzaSnow milky
Rose Cheesy Bun Linseed & CranberryShredded Cheese
Green Tea & Red Bean RollsSwiss ChocolateCoconut Twist
Milk ToastTurandot Cranberry Multi layer taro
Creamy BreadHoney Citrus WalnutHokkaido Butter Cream
  Charlotte GreenOZ Sandwich
  Walnut Raisin MultigrainCalamari pork sung
  MultigrainDouble Cheese Pizza
  Cream BruleeBrioche
    Double Premium Milk
    Prime Cheddar Cheese

TaiwaneseDanish  Other
Mini Boroh BunBoroh DanishGarlic Bread
Garlic Hot DogBoroh Cream DanishMaple Brick Toast
Taiwanese DonutApple DanishBrown Sugar Square
Butter boroh bunTuna DanishItalian Spice Crunch 
Milk PuddingDanish CreamCaesar the Great
85 SandwichDanish Ham  
Shallots BreadDanish Hot Dog  
Italian Pizza    
3 Sisters    
Pork Sung Bun    
Bread Stick     
BBQ Chicken    
Shallot Pork Floss    
Cheese Dog    
Sultana Cookies    
Sweet Toast    

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe visited is located at 246 Forest Road, Hurstville NSW, not far walking from the rail station.

Opening hours are from 730am to 930pm every week day; from 8am to 930pm on Saturdays; and from 8am to 9pm on Sundays.
Contact    + 61 2 9580 8889

My impressions of  the 85 Degrees Bakery Cafe at Hurstville NSW:
Ambiance: 3 out of 5

Customer Engagement: 3 out of 5
Culinary Delight:  3 out of 5
X Factor: 2.5 out of 5
Overall:   11 /4  out of 5

85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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