Flaky Tart Bakery Kirribilli NSW

From Rose Bay to another lovely corner of Sydney,  the Flaky Tart Bakery in Kirribilli does look, on first impressions, a village store from the good old days, inviting passers-by to sample its aromatic and pretty looking fares.   The glass corner does hold some award winning achievement stickers in baking.   The bakery is sited in a busy junction - Ennis Road and Broughton Streets -  in the village hub, one cannot possibly miss it  - walk away from the Milson's Point Station towards the cafes and restaurants and away from Alfred Street.

Visiting a bakery is always a winner on a coolish winter's morning.  The Flaky tart encourages us further - there is a board that says "Take a bite out of life with an appetite for fun....tickle its fancy, tweek its cheek and give it a sassy grin."     Biting into its pastries, pies and doughnuts makes me want to follow their advice.

The friendly staff member handling my choices over the display took initiative to recommend  selections - and looking at her sincere expressions, I knew she was in line with the stars with what she believes in the bakery.  Interesting enough, she had been with friends down Wollongong way - and had dined at the Mochi along Keira Street.

It was a busy morning for the Flaky Tart - people came in, a lot knew what they wanted.   It could have been standing room only at times.  There are only a few tables but this is the sort of place you say hello like to a neighbour and enjoy the best of your day.    You are greeted in a good nice way, you are allowed to ponder if you are not sure but your orders will be taken once you have decided.   The staff can be busy but still have time to give a nod and make you feel at home.

The Flaky Tart Bakery visited is located at 4 Ennis Road, Kirribilli NSW, near a slopy junction of set of traffic lights, away from the Alfred Street side of Milson's Point rail station.

Opening hours are from 530am to 5pm  every week day;  from 7am to 3pm on Saturdays; and from 8am to 2pm on Sundays.
Contact + 61 2 9955 3958

My impressions of the Flaky Tart Bakery at Kirribilli NSW:
Ambiance:  3.5 out of 5

Customer Engagement:  4 out of 5
Culinary Delight: 3.5 out of 5
X Factor:   3 out out of 5
Overall:     14 / 4  out of 5

Vanilla slices.   Doughnuts.  Pies.   Maybe not the sausage rolls.  Explore with your eyes and palate.  Enjoy visiting, have a coffee and pastry.   Take away some delights home.

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