Chung Ling Alumni Association Petaling Jaya Klang Valley

Lobak, or deep fried pork and crab roe filled soy bean wraps. Highly recommended.

Otak-otak or steamed spicy fish mousse.

The key precepts of every Chung Ling School student.  I am told by Mr Lee Chao Chin, a university classmate of mine, that initially he reckoned they are a pair of lines of poetry that adhere to strict traditional rules.   Such calligraphy are often hung in frames on walls or doorways of homes in China.  In literature, they are known as antithetical couplets.   The characters chosen are usually profound in meaning and yet precise in message.  ON a second viewing by Mr. Lee, they may not be such couplets but provide praises for families with scholarly achievements.

Pig trotters braised in vinegar and dark soy sauce - the "Too Kar Orh Cho".  Highly recommended.

Jee Hoo Char with a dollop of Sambal condiment on a lettuce leaf.  Move over, Sang Choy Bow! The fried Yambean or Jicama is combined with shredded cuttelfish strips, carrots and cabbage, together with shallots, garlic, pork strips and soaked cut mushrooms.
Highly Recommended.

Indian fish curry with all the works and taste.  Highly recommended.

Not sure if this is Lam Mee per Straits Chinese style or the Hakka version of the noodles.    Usually eaten for birthday celebrations.

Belachan chicken, where the shrimp paste is marinaded with the meat  together with other balancing ingredients to ensure a crispy and flavourful outcome. Oyster sauce, black pepper, plus a pinch of sugar and salt, are used to condition the chicken over night.    Before deep frying , a batter of rice and corn flour, with a pinch of salt, is coated over the marinaded chicken.

The Chung Ling School Alumni Association in the Klang Valley is located at 14 Jalan Utara, 46200 PJ.  Table bookings are essential, although the dining hall spreads over two sections within the ground floor of the building.
Telephone Contact:  +603 7957 0318