Wollongong NSW Revisited

A recent structure at Bald Hill honouring one of Australia's greatest aviation pioneers from the 20th century  - Lawrence Hargrave.

Refreshing juice mixes at Al-Aseel, Fairy Meadow.  Wollongong continues taking in immigrants as a tradition - from southern and eastern Europeans post World War 2 to the present intake from the Syrian conflict.

A summery afternoon in Berkeley.

Still waters at the Botanical Gardens, Wollongong, below Mount Keira.

There are more than 120 cafes in the Wollongong area - pictured is the Iced latte at the Quay Canteen, found up the stairs at the middle of Crown Street Mall in Wollongong City Centre.

Lotus blooms  - the trick is to visit the area at the right season.

Reputedly the best Curry Laksa in the greater Sydney region.  Found at the Nan Tien Temple's Dew Drop Inn at ground level.


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