The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant - Haymarket Sydney Yumcha

Full of flavour, delicate on the mouth and elegant on the plate - steamed wantons.

With vehicle parking provided below, Market City in Sydney's Chinatown can be a hive of activity any day or night of the week.  With an upper level food court, ground floor supermarket, clothing outlets and Paddy's Market at street level, it can be a focus for many thronging the southern end of Sydney CBD.  Recently I had yum cha with four other friends at The Eight, located on the upper most floor.   The staff still converse in Cantonese in this restaurant, apart from English and Mandarin.
The food trolleys really get going from around 11am even if the place opens earlier.

And remember, do always get your tea pot topped up by the male staff members, and watch for that table card being stamped by your orders to add up.    The clutter in any yum cha session can be minimised by asking staff to clear finished plates.

Steamed pork with salted fish sitting on a bed of rice, accompanied by deep fried spring rolls and chili sauce.

I do find the tables placed very close to each other during yumcha sessions here.   The trolley drivers do find several roadblocks and tight squeezes when they try to move around the dining hall.  Lo and behold, try not to sit on a chair which faces knocks and pushes from behind, but at times one has no choice.  The food does come out regularly, the staff do try to make suggestions from their trolley and table groups just get into a pace of their own.  Sweet stuff are normally reserved for the latter part of lunch, but one may see some attractive item and not see them available again.  If you have a solid idea of a dish in mind, always ask and the staff can often provide this.  Some dishes are only made in limited portions.    Several creations of the Eight Modern Chinese are more clean cut, more elegant and more attractively presented when compared with its competitors.

Mushroom looking steamed Baos, with sesame seed paste inside.

The Eight Restaurant is located on the uppermost level of Market City shopping centre, with an address of 9-13 Hay Street, Sydney NSW.
Telephone 612 9282 9988
Opening hours are from 10am to 3pm, and then from 530pm  till 11pm.

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