Black Star Pastry Rosebery NSW

The Sunday afternoon scene.

Customers lining up all the way to a wide counter from the entrance and up the several steps of slight stairs.  The sun shining with a high level of humidity outside.  Chatter at small tables and almost all seats filled up.  3pm on a Saturday afternoon.  The place is really full but the counter has enough attractions.  Our requested strawberry drinks and coffee comes within a reasonable time despite the huff and puff.

The staff that day find it perhaps hard to cope.  Used tables with clutter are not cleared sufficiently on time.  The crew in the kitchen look preoccupied, they are busy,  They utilise plastic hand and arm holders but I wish one or two of them do not wear sleeveless when working handling food.  Maybe they should have a fan to help cool them down in such an enclosed kitchen.  We sit watching them through the wired netting that separates the customer space from this kitchen.

The staff outside look even more unhappy, especially the sole barista, it has been a real busy day since morning.   Bottled water for customers to help themselves is left unfilled.

Customers get what they came for - the star items that BSP is well known for - and organise themselves to seating.   Many already know the hassle and confusion with lack of seating - the price of success?   At a corner junction, the turnover of parking cars is fascinating  - driver sits in the vehicle, accompanying passenger jumps out, gets the goodies from the Black Star Pastry and comes back usually within 15 minutes.

Signature creation - does not require refrigeration!

Black Star Pastry in Rosebery is located at Shop C1, 85-113 Dunning Avenue.
Telephone: goes to the BSP at Newtown NSW -   612 9557 8656
Opening Hours: Weekdays 8am to 3pm, weekends 8am to 4pm.
Vehicle parking is available inside the complex hosting the Black Star Pastry and other businesses in Rosebery NSW.

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