Thai Street Festival - Annandale NSW

Cut seasonal fruits are always part of the Thai penchant for fresh and sharing.

The Thai Temple in Annandale, Wat Buddharungsee, is located at 49 Trafalgar Street.  The fair depicted above was held on the third Sunday of November in 2015, commencing at 9am and usually finishing up around noon.  It was a partly rainy day but that did not dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the local Thai community and their friends.  Generous portions of food, non-vegetarian and vegetarian,  from starters to desserts reflecting the variety of Thai cuisine were made available to visitors.  Inside the temple itself, there were ceremonies conducted to commemorate Kartina and the offering of vegetarian food to the monks.  Thai Government representatives also attended.

Indian inspired Roti with a red chicken curry.

Rice vermicelli prepared with chili bits and shallots before pouring in the hot soup.

Two large woks bubbling along with deep fried chicken wings.

Two pawed buddies sit quietly with their owner and soak in the street carnival atmosphere.

A jacaranda tree blooms along Trafalgar Street in November.

A lovely idea of a healthy snack, with fresh veg and carrot sticks dipped into a mayonnaise.

Jellies galore, white and green, an ideal way to keep cool in the warmer season.  Great for kids.

Three choices of beverage ala Thai - longan fruit based quencher, milk tea and iced coffee.

Green beans brewed as dessert with cooked banana slices and coconut milk.

My favourite choices for this day in food were the Kuey Chap, a traditional Chiuchow influenced soup with rice based noodles and pig entrails; the chicken  satay skewers; the Koay Teow Thng, a hot served soup with rice noodles, small meat portions and shallots;   various steamed snacks and cakes utilising coconut milk; piping hot deep fried chicken wings; fresh fruit salads; Thai coffee;  fresh salads with mayonnaise; and Rotis accompanied by yummy chicken curry.  Some of the stall holders came from well known Thai restaurants around greater Sydney.   I must give a big thumbs up to the efficient, hard working and friendly volunteers present that day at the street fair.


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