Tawandang Restaurant - Haymarket Sydney NSW

 Mean grilled squid rolls.

The last time I had the four angled beans was in stir fries back in Georgetown, Penang island and so I was delighted there is a salad at Tawandang that utilises this unique ingredient.  The menu at Tawandang can be varied and extensive.  One can go for reliable favourites or try unique creations.    The Miang range has also extended to include prawns in the Miang Goong, with spoons petitely laid out to hold the leaves and the seafood.

There are Thai twists on Chinese items like Yong Tau Fu and Lard Naa.  To make the menu more user friendly, there is also a page suggested by Tawandang of recommended dishes!

Char grilled pork cuts - juicy with texture and a most uplifting flavour.

The pork knuckle served at Tawandang caught my eye because of its inherent crispy thin skin.  The prawn cakes were wallops of flavour encapsulated inside an outstanding batter.  The grilled pork slices have sufficient fat, its sauce is terrifically compatible and the meat tender as it slides into our mouths.  Its spring rolls has crab meat and the salted fish fried rice is accompanied by kale.  Bright looking king prawns sit on a hot pot of vermicelli.

TIME magazine acknowledged its Bangkok based parent restaurant in 2003.  The love for beer and good spicy Asian delights - what can more more potent to help one relax?

Prawn cakes with a delectable batter that swirls different sensations on the palate.

 Unassuming, hidden amongst the wide choice in Haymarket Sydney's Chinatown along George. What stands out significantly is the uplifting taste, its varied sauces - each different with each dish - and its German micro brewery roots all the way from Bangkok.  Top dish to me is the char grilled pork cuts - I am moved to another higher dimension in this world of juicy meats on the bite. I eyed the mussel Homok  but maybe next time!  Service is good and the dishes came out fast after ordering.  The tamarind based soup with omelette and prawns reminds me of the Bangkok Restaurant at Capitol Square nearby, but this version is more rewarding. Another must try is the German influenced pork knuckle, accompanied with sauerkraut and potato mash but with a Thai twist. And oh yes, the beers.  Lager, Wiezel or Dunkel?  

Good with brew - the Kung Ruean Keao, crunchy miniature deep fried shrimp, in the tradition of traditional insect snacks from Bangkok.

So is this Germany in Thailand or Thailand in Germany?  Whatever.  It does provide an interesting collaboration of East and West, but mainly East, primarily Asia-Pacific.   To me, the formula makes it stand out amongst the very competitive Thai culinary industry in Australia.   One may have enchanting hybrids in cooking, but what is significant is to provide outstanding taste.  That to me is what makes Tawandang top in my palate.  Whether it is an extra crunch, a carefully thought of sauce or the freshness of ingredients used, they all contribute to the overall quality of a dish - and I so far cannot find fault with any I have tried.   Next opportunity, I am looking forward to the pickled egg basil, steamed seafood mouse - Homok on mussel shells -  and deep fried Barramundi.

A most unusual but tasty Pork Knuckle or the Ka Moo Tod.
German in origin with mash and sauerkraut served, but served with a Thai spicy sauce.

The Sydney outlet is the smallest in its chain - it follows in the layout style of many Thai food establishments by having an open counter, cultural tinged lighting bulbs and a wooden feel.  The printed menu has impressive photos of the dishes and that makes it simpler to choose.  Its shop front can be understated but like in Thailand, provides a copy for the current menu for street passers-by to browse through.   The evening my dining group of four persons visited , there were many guests of Thai background, some with their non-Thai partners.  A queue formed outside by twilight even on a week day.   

After work and but took early for dinner, I refuse to go home!

Tawandang Restaurant Sydney is located at 706 George Street, in the section between adjacent Goulburn and Campbell Streets.
Telephone: 612 9211 0138
Opening Hours: Sundays to Wednesdays 11am to midnight.
Thursdays to Saturdays 11am to 1am.
Reservations taken.

Tawandang's original home is in Bangkok, with two outlets.
51/199-200 Moo I Khwaeng
Ladprao, Bangkok 10230
Telephone: 0-2944-5131-2
Opening hours 5pm to 1am.

RAMA 3 (opens in 2005)
462/61 Rama 3 Road
Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Telephone: 0-2678-1114-6
Opening hours 5pm to 1am.

Both outlets in Bangkok are large restaurants with nightly shows and popular for birthday celebration gatherings.

In Singapore, Tawandang Microbrewery opened in 2009 and is at Block 26, Dempsey Road, Tanglin with live bands.
Telephone: + 65 647667

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