Chobe National Park - Four Wheel Safari

This teenage female came straight up to breath's distance from me.  I was seated on the upper duck of the vehicle, held my own calmness and quiet.  I trusted Mr. Rann our guide and driver ion his choice of stopping beside a small herd.  Missy looked close up at me and I noted her gem like brown eyes.  She did not look threatening, mauve more curious than ever. I survived my own fears and Missy's greeting - and this turned out to be a most magical moment that all the Disney movies in my childhood and David Attenborough documentaries had long prepared me for.

Head butting, playing and training.  These agile and lovely Impalas have a feisty personality, are quick to respond to danger and have a high level of sense of community.  The are herbivorous but are a fond target of the lions and leopards.

The hippopotamus rarely comes out  from soaking in the water.  Always his faithful symbiotic feathered friends are nearby, often picking out from the surface of the hippo's hide.  The four legged creature is also approached with caution by the local human inhabitants.

Baboons gather in congresses for mutual protection, group power and to enjoy a sense of family.  They have long tails, are cheeky and venture near human habitats in the search for food.

Elephants value watering holes and are said to have an innate sense of recognition and memory.  They feed on grass, for which they have to learn from parents as to choice of good sources and train in.  Elephant ear flaps are beautiful and fascinating and their hide can be in various shades of brown, grey or black.

These two zebras were doing sentry duty whilst their herd members fed on the grassy plains. I noticed there are brown streaks beside the obvious back and white stripes.   They are noble in stature, have energy of horses when running and sprout a captivating head gear.

It was the dry season and so the terrain does not look encouraging for this gathering of baboons.

This lioness walks a few paces behind her brood in the late afternoon, in what may be an educational exercise for her cubs on the way back from some day time activities.

Water buffaloes stomp away and create much dust in their wake.  They have powerful strengthened are feared by humans.  They appear as one of the one for he Big Five on the currency notes for the South African Rand - the others being the leopard, the lion, the giraffe and the zebra.

Graceful, tall and colourful, the giraffe competes in my heart with the zebra as my favourite wild  fauna.
Unique to the African continent, they are leaf grazers and have a strategic view of the world of mainly grasslands.
How do they stoop down and drink water?  Their eyes look feminine, the two short horns interesting and how they run on such long legs is a wonder for me to have witnessed.  Scientists have also recently discovered that giraffes human t low frequency audio to each other at night.

We were fortunate to come across this wild dog pack resting under some shady trees in the midday sun.   I noticed they have pronounced ears and sharp jaw shapes.  One of their brood was disabled that day and we all were touched by the positive vibes and care given by all in the group to this critter. They are lean bodied, have a strong sense of smell and have alert signals amongst themselves when faced with possible danger.

This is perhaps the most consumed wild game - the hog.  

The helmeted Guinea Fowl can be likened to turkeys but the are smaller in size.  Although they have colourful heads, their bodies are very plain and dark.  They can scoot about quickly, are not fussy on feeding and are sensitive to other animals near them.