Elephant Valley Lodge - Kasane Forest Reserve, Botswana

You have your own ensuite.  Bedding is comfortable and spacious.  Insect screens surround you and one need to be mindful not to leave your shoe ear outside on the veranda - a pack of other wise baboons do room to take things out of curiosity.  The ceiling is as high a Mongolian tent to be in sync with the tropical heat.  You are provided with standing electrical fans, ample storage space and a working torch light.

Guests can draw down flaps if requiring privacy.   The cabins are located under grown trees as if in a natural park.  Not far way, near the dining area, is a natural watering hole, where various game gather, especially in the dark hours.  Breakfasts, lunch and dining can be arranged in the main eating area.  My group and I visited in the dry season, so we were delighted that there was no mosquito nuisance.
I heard the natural calls of insects, birds and other fauna at dawn.   Late one night, a water pipe burst occurred outside and this was quickly attended to.  Obviously there is no telephone or television provided in a each cabin but wi-fi is accessible int he central reception area.  I loved the small lit lamps along the pathways in the evenings.

A room with a view.

Barbecued wild hog.

Refuge in the enchanting forest!

Visitor, late night.


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