Granny Smith Eastwood Festival - Sydney 2015

Guiding and scouting should be very much encouraged in a changing world.

Music, marching, tasting, dancing, buying, catching up with people.  All done with smiles and the sunshine on your shoulder.  The activities are spread out across several streets, a shopping centre and a grass field.  The whole village of Eastwood celebrates its heritage focused on a dear lady who planted the first fruits that now bear the name of this occasion.
The community spirit shines through the eyes of participants and visitors of all ages.   The place is already usually busy on a  weekend with thriving commerce and dining.  On this day every things thrives even better.  the talent of youngsters, the pride of those who have served the community, the sense of deep belonging in groups.   It is time to bring out the polished silver so to speak, and they can be vintage cars, fine products, singing groups or fitness demonstrations.  We came across more than a hundred individuals lining up for complimentary bags or cleaning services.  I notice bright eyed kids performing in front of their equally bright eyed parents.  It was a very warm day weather wise, being the middle of the southern hemisphere spring season.

Looking out from a Stateside vehicle.

Cymbals and drums from a Korean background help belt out the fiesta atmosphere.

Nothing like a barbie in Australia.

Straits Chinese snacks and cakes.

The paella was just right in texture, yummy in taste and served piping hot.

Drummer boy, drummer boy....Bram bram bram, me and my drum.

Paws came out for the parade as well!

The City of Ryde holds the annual Granny Smith Apple Festival on every third Saturday of October.
There are street parades, three performance stages, evening fireworks, diverse produce and food stalls, representations from community and Government agencies and groups plus participation from all ages.  Beginning at 9am and lasting the whole day till night, the festivities spread out all over Eastwood - Rowe Street, the Oval, Hillview Street, Progress Avenue, Eastwood Mall and Plaza.

This year I especially liked Medowie Macadamias; Parilla Argenchino; Fluerderly's Patisserie; Churros La Flamenca; Kartel Korean-Mexican tacos;  Tall Grass Cane Juice; Darke's Apples; Bar Coco and Ayam Foods.  A treat was a special hub featuring produce form the Orange Farmers Markets, from which we tried some juices and preserves.  Crowds build up from late morning and it is best to take a train or bus to reach the festival with bio fuss of vehicle parking.

I thoroughly enjoyed the marinaded barbecued meats served here.


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