Southern Africa - September 2015

The canyon at Victoria Falls, sited between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.

The African croc on the Chobe River, lying between Botswana and Naimbia.

The Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto.

Such grazers are big and powerful, yet are targets of lions.

Friendliness at Simon's Town, Southern Cape.

Iconic food from Cafe Africa, Cape Town.

The giant ferris wheel at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town.

A countryside vista at Franschhoek.

French Protestants sought refuge from religious persecution in Europe and came in droves to  the Cape Province.

A most generous picnic lunch.

Old world Euro charm in the dining room and lobby of the Commodore Legacy Hotel, Cape Town.

Passenger and pilot manning helicopter over the Victoria Falls.

Evening cruise on the Zambezi River, with French- Canadians, Australians and Chinese-Malaysians.

What a delightful and fulfilling experience on the trek beside the Victoria Falls.

The hippo in full glory, being away from the water for a change.

Downtown Johannesburg.

A bird hitches a ride on our safari boat along the Chobe River.

The scenic coastal drive to the Cape of Good Hope.

What Vasco da Gama and Bartholomew Diaz encountered at the southern tip of Africa.

The cable car to Table Mountain only operates when wind and cloud conditions suit.

Not keys and locks, but messages and names on solid stone on the coastal drive in the Southern Cape.

A Great Dane "Just Nuisance" is honoured by the South African Navy.

One of the most accessible penguin colonies.

Sharks and waves predominate the southern coast.

The future of young South Africa.

Noon in the Kahane Forest Reserve, Botswana.

The Protea.


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