Sandy Goodwich - Wollongong CBD

Corn pancakes with house smoked hock, apple slaw, hash, poached egg and chili.

I love the way key menu items and offerings are provided hanging on small vertical boards on the wall facing customers when they walk in.  The kitchen and preparation is set aside on a dedicated area of the two shop front site.  You have a choice of tables but as is often the case, the barista and order counter are close by side by side.  There is an Euro feel about the lay out, dishes are carefully formulated with attention to ingredients, texture and presentation.  Coffee blends utilised are Golden Cobra and 212 Roasters whilst meats are supplied from the local Keiraville Butchery.  Breads are provided by Berry Sourdough further down the NSW South Coast.  There is a buzz about sensitivity to customer and community requirements in food.   Preserves, pastries, chutneys, mayonnaise and pickles are made in house.    Sandy Goodrich is serious about engaging with the community part from just operating a cafe business.

For a quick takeaway,  I recommend the pomegranate glazed roasted pumpkin sandwich, replete with
dukkah, rocket, yoghurt dressing, tahini and smoked eggplant.   Otherwise,  most blokes may find a delight the slow roast lamb or pork, free range chicken and beef sandwich versions.  A light meal in contrast is the rice pudding served with mulled hazelnut.

There are obviously many brunch and breakfast related items on the menu.  There are lots of grains, vegetables, herbs and non-meats options, especially like the Egyptian beans, labna (a velvety cream cheese spread made by removing excess whey from salted yoghurt) , smoked eggplants, fried egg on flatbread - all very in tune with a much focused nutrition that echoes land, quality and cleanliness.  There is also an offering with poached quince and yoghurt sitting on top of cranberry and  almond muesli.

That does not mean you cannot have your in house cured bacon, hock and pork fry-up. It is also the variety of breads available that catches my eye - rye, multigrain, wholemeal, etc. Plates available during daytime include what I plan to have next - a Chinese inspired caramel pork omelette, accompanied by an Asian herb said and vermicelli (how Vietnamese!).

I was so glad to chat with Joyce, whom I know previously and who made a most delightful coffee.
The staff are busy but do make an effort to see how each customer is getting on with the chosen meal.
The road outside can be busy ( Princes Highway) but I do find inside is a refuge of delightful cuisine.
Sandy Goodwich also opens on two nights a week with a wine list selected by Deb Pearce (includes the rare finds from Lebanon). One of the sides served evenings is an unusual combination of hassle back sweet potato,  house bacon and golden syrup.  The fish pie, bone marrow and lamb croquette dishes are worth trying at night!

Sandy Goodwich is located at 2/363 Crown Street, Wollongong, towards the southern end of the city centre, opposite the post office.
The nearest cross road is Gladstone Avenue.
Telephone 612 4244 4690.
Opening hours - 7am to 3pm on weekdays and 7am to 2pm on weekends.  Dinners only on Thursdays and Fridays.
Monthly communal gatherings and cooking classes are hosted by Sandy Goodwich which also caters.

Braised lamb with pumpkin Hummus, beetroot, egg plant chips and chickpeas.

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