Chobe National Park Botswana - Of Lions, Instinct and Feeding

With my camera shots taken from a distance (obviously), this was my first time encountering feeding by the big cats on an elephant carcass, tightly hidden behind a bush, as dawn broke out and morning drew near.  I am told that the lions are fond of hunting nocturnally and feeding at night, resting during the day light hours.  This lioness stood guard, stay, pranced and watched for danger and other predators whilst her brood ate, tore flesh and immersed in feasting.

I was not sure how fresh or deposed the elephant meat was, but it looked red-blooded with no sign of obvious decay on one side and bony on the other side.  The need for composure was high as Mr. Rann, our four wheel driver, parked us at various strategic angles for watching and camera shots.  We remained naturally quiet as we had to make sure there was no disturbance with the wild animals.  There was only a minimal level of smell there was no breeze.


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