Boma Restaurant Victoria Falls

Carving details on fruits welcome you to a dining experience you will not easily forget.  Diners have hands washed, are greeted by a drumming dance in which they can take part at the entrance and also are provided with local brew.

Grill central - in the centre of the restaurant, which provides both an outdoor atmosphere and covered seating.   Some of the eye opening items that caught my eye and palate are smoked crocodiles, the Mopane worm, game ostrich, Warthog fillet and Nyimo beans.

Guests are provided with an African themed fabric - Chitenges -  to wrap around and soak in the place.  Two languages - Shona and Ndebele - are spoken to greet customers.

Although emphasising barbecued meats, the Boma also has delightful desserts. 

I could not fill in all after a sumptuous feast .

Wander to the meat grilling section and you receive a friendly welcome as to what you want on your plate.
There is also soup from the camp fire and also a sad counter with lots of choices.

The spit and the quality on the outcome depends so much on the skills of the roster and the marinade utilised.

The Boma Restaurant is located as part of the 
Safari Lodge Resort in the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
Opening hours are from 7pm each evening.
Nightly entertainment is highlighted by the Amakwezi dancers, Amazulu drummers, a Sangoma (healer) and a traditional oral story teller.


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