The Northern Explorer - National Park New Zealand

The ferns, grass and native vegetation - relatively untainted, with still the trekking spirit nurtured.

The daily train from Auckland's Brittomart Station to Wellington City terminus rolls on past coniferous as it makes progress  in the early afternoon through the centre of North Island New Zealand

Life fights on, even in cold temperatures, little flora persist amongst difficult conditions.

Farming country, plains and valleys - the classic country New Zealand.

The viewing coach lets passengers embrace the fresh air, natural smells and captivating sights more readily than within an enclosed cabin.

A wet climate adds to the allure of the Long White Cloud - and engenders the right mix of factors supporting sheep and cattle farming.

Through mist and toil, the ground is so fertile to make my life grow.

Climbing uphill, one builds character and dignity - and takes pride in the effort to persist and overcome.

"Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side"

Valley deep, mountain high.

Self explanatory, 3pm on a June Monday.