Pandoro Panetteria - Willis Street, Wellington New Zealand

A rather nippy morning in June.  Rush hour going to work, when coffee is most welcome.  An old building that hosts a bakery - and there are scores of people inside.  The outside does indicate sandwiches and pastries inside but really, there is more.   It is the aroma, the buzz, the eagerness of the customers waiting or seated inside.   The sky may be grey at this time of early day but there is light inside.   What are they making, what are they presenting, what are they serving?

It looks like the attraction is the artisan baked items, with a specific display on their own.  I see the cakes, pastries and breads - and then I know I am walking on to something unique.   From biscotti to crostini and brownies, each is calling out to tease your palate. To me at that moment it seemed I was facing the best of Kiwi baked delights smothered with Italian love.   The baked bread ranges through Tremezzino, gourmet burger buns, Ciabatta, Panini and more.

So is there any difference between a Kiwi and Aussie breakfast?  Mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, bacon strips, sourdough and a crusty corn fritter.  Still there is a difference in flavour.  Perhaps the local ingredients Kiwi side.  May be the breads taste better when it is colder outside, maybe it is the artisan effect when Pandoro make their non-yeasted sourdoughs -  which is their speciality.

Coffee served here is from a in-house blend of Allures and Coffee Supreme.  It is strong, enough to shake me off my reaction to the early Wellington morning for someone not used to such temps.   I really zoomed in on to the croissants and Brioche but decided finally on a big breakfast plate.  The lunch menu is limited, only offering muffins, sandwiches and savouries - so it is always to come here for a sort of late break and early brunch.

Pandoro also operates as a wholesale supplier based from both Auckland and Wellington, apart from its retail cafes.
This Pandoro Panetteria outlet is located at Willis Street, Wellington CBD, at corner with Bomd Street.
Telephone of Willis Street cafe: 644 4734230
Opening hours are from 7am to 4pm every day.

Two other cafes in the Wellington CBD are found at Woodward and Allen Streets.

In greater Auckland, you an find Pandora cafes at Mount Wellington, Parnell (its original home), East Ridge, Mount Eden and in the CBD along Queen Street.  Christmas is a great time to consider Pandora as well - the festive tarts are lovely!  And the whole business is still family owned.

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