Enmore - Sydney NSW

Friands, snails, Danishes and Portuguese tarts - the effect of multiculturalism in an Enmore bakery.

The familiar standard bearer of the Enmore Hotel still stands sentinel at a busy traffic junction.

A  strikingly coloured Vespa on the side of the Great Aunty Three, with smaller servings of noodle soup, the expected banh mi rolls and a buzzing but small customer space.
Enmore has a different train line and may be viewed as Newtown's lesser cousin - but it is worth an easy half day's checking out.  You may then find yourself frequenting some quaint, unique and loveable places to hang out, casually, instinctively and naturally.  It is a kind of suburb that grows on a person's psyche, dopes not require much fuss and what thinks about when seeking a change.  If you reside there it provides a village atmosphere. There is entertainment, off the cuff brunches and breakfasts and the fav bar. As its location is outside Sydney centre, it embraces the best and worst of a capital city life, unless you find yourself saying hello to the same people in gigs, afternoon beer sessions or in intimate dinners. For a relatively small suburb, there are choices to go which suits your mood and urge - whether it is Young Henry's, at nearby Wilford Street,  with head brewer Richard Adamson; or checking out how Jason Saxby heads the delivery and finesse at Osteria di Russo & Russo, reminding one of an old styled Italian house lounge; or feeling the buzz at the Bravo Coffee entrance; or obtaining alternative menus at Revolution Foods; and more.  The streets may look drab and ordinary at times, but it is the people and their creativity expressed that makes Enmore today.

In the inner sanctum - the Shenkin Kitchen. "If it's not made with Love, we don't make it" - and it shows.

Old style and look good cookies that can romanticise a bakery front.

Having vibes of an inner city suburb, Enmore has good transport links, a village atmosphere and sprouting of delightful lifestyle choices.


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