DrawnNGo, Island Park - Penang Island

Mushroom soup and garlic bread has epitomised Western cuisine for several generations, mainly as a result of colonial Brit influences and local preferences. Whilst converging practices and various migrating populations led to fusion food on the Asian side,until in the past twenty or so years, Euro food in the Malayan Peninsular lacked the variety that you see in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong today.  There was  an obvious lack of continental choices but American food arrived with a gusto in the fast food chains.
Pork chop in batter, accompanied by coleslaw and smooth potato mash - the winner was the dipping sauce, which, amongst other things, utilised aromatic and fresh Sarawak freshly ground pepper.  My sister in law Sian Kin had suggested trying this cafe and it brought me back in memory to the likes of Eden and other outlets that were effectively run by Chinese chefs from Hainan Island in southern China.  These Hainanese earned a living in the 19th and 20th centuries manning the kitchens for their Caucasian masters and created a new cuisine blending in the preferences of their employers (living so far away from home) and their quintessential Chinese cooking techniques. The pork chop I had had a crunch, a flavour and a bite that stood out on its own.

Colourful and cooling drinks served before the food.


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