Chinese Cuisine in South East Asia - Iconic Ingredients

Fresh king prawns, often required for festive meals and family gatherings.

The ubiquitous tofu squares from Southern China.

Kumquats freshly plucked form the garden.

Contrasting flavours - the subtle soy bean based foochok, used mostly in soups and stir fries (background) sits next to the vinegar and chili based condiment for Hainan chicken rice (background).

A ginger heady concoction to highlight flavours of otherwise bland dishes.

Cantonese styled roast pork with crackle, utilised to be eaten with soy sauced egg noodles, steamed rice or just for themselves.

Lebanese cucumbers - a vital and useful ingredient used in Fujian poh pniah wraps and Beijing duck servings, whilst accompanying grilled satay skewers and Indonesian nasi lemak sets.

Hainan Chicken Rice - national dish of Singapore


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