Colours of Winter - Steamboat Sizzle

Lots of cutting and slicing ingredients for use in the steamboat - quail's eggs, mushrooms,tofu squares, meat balls and carrots.
The tang or vegetable (background) waits with the vermicelli  (foreground).
Shitakaes are popular in East Asian cuisine.
Seafood galore for flavour and making the ever evolving soup stock even better.
Deep fried shallots help to garnish the soup.
Eggs are on standby for poaching and add to choices.
The cauldron.
Ingredients for a steamboat session are cut to facilitate easier cooking.
Waiting for the steamboat to cook the stuff.
Freshness is everything.
Coconut milk sits atop a dessert made from black glutinous rice.
Upside down pineapple cake.


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