Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Wynyard - Sydney CBD

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Both of us needed a hideaway, like now and then. I wanted to stare into her eyes, and hers into mine. To feel the warmth of her personality and manner. For her to soak in my full expression and not just over the phone, Facebook or mob phone. I wanted to have another opportunity to dwell into the colour of her eyes, the curve of her hips and the elegance of her legs. I also wanted to enjoy the comfort of immersing myself into the colour of her hair.  In this rushed routine and with each of us in two different worlds, it took effort to have special moments. Winter is also oppressive in not having a nurturing clime, but on the other hand, feeds the hunger to see each other.

So the big question was where to go, to hold hands under the table and to dangle the feet in such tantalising proximity? Where can we indulge not just in ourselves, but in soul inspiring food? We thought of Euro culture, we arrived a t chocolate and we logically met at the Suisse Lindt Chocolate Cafe. Most of these places are crowded, smallish and in hubs of Sydney city centre that people congregated. We could not travel to Miranda's Westfield in the south, so we settled for the outlet in Sydney's banking district.  

There were more than enough options waiting for us on the shelves - cakes, macaroons, wrapped choc balls, barista coffee, chocolate drinks!   The crowd that afternoon had the motley mix of office workers, secret couples, families and people on holiday. The male staff attending was attentive, organised fast and got us going at our table. It was heavenly when we looked into each other at the table - and this was further enhanced by the bite into the Lindt creations.  

So the two of us had a sort of dance in our conversation with each other. Our words underlined the strong need to reaffirm our mutual feelings and to reassure each other that each of us were doing okay. We used each other as comfortable sounding boards and a target for some jesty humour. Each of us revealed something personal new that we did not know earlier  - and in the process, without saying out loud, was sub consciously seeking the other's approval and advice. I reckon our eyes spoke to each other more than words could say.

We massaged each other, not physically, but in our hearts, our inner raw selves and in our aspirations. Lindt provided the food of being together, of making our meet up more elegant and in warming us up nutritionally. At the same time, each of us had our bodies, mind and soul full on to savour every moment. Yet it all felt strangely natural - and good.


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