Colours of Winter - Wollongong NSW

The ocean welcomes you with an even more sparkling freshness.
Depiction from another time, another place (side lane off the Crown Street Mall).
Coffee pods are getting popular at home but there are also several cafes of repute and trendiness in the larger Wollongong area.
Catholicism and other main streams of Christianity are still embedded in the Illawarra area.
Winter may see most people indoors but many also get ready to go to the gym in Wollongong's relatively benign winter.
Ink squid pasta is utilised with prawn infused spicy soup in Balgownie.
Youth in the Illawarra area are well known for the performing arts, musical talent and rather high unemployment rates.
A quiet moment in the lower section of the Crown Street Mall on a winter's afternoon.
Having a conversation in one of the many parks that dot the Wollongong area.
Sunset on an early evening.


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