Newtown Revisited - Sydney NSW

Newtown, a fifteen minute ride by train from Sydney city centre, lies at the nexus of university, bohemian, alternative and happy day twenty something lifestyles.  Saturday morning and the tribes come out.  Students, artists, young families, musicians, couples of every orientation, gig followers and more have hallmark moments as they commence a weekend of possibilities. Wardrobe is casual and to identify oneself with a certain crowd. The pace is easy, often filled with the aroma of coffee, unusual shopping choices and a body mark here and there, be it a tattoo or a nose ring. The day may progress to a street market, music from buskers or the intent concentration on music, books or movies.  The Whitlams had a great start at the Sandringham Hotel here before they conquered the world.

Newtown has just celebrated its first 150 years.  It is now more diverse, dynamic and interesting than it has ever been before.  Many buildings are or may seem run down, but there have been renovations inside, as old gives way to the new, or sits side by side.  Murals, wall graffiti and grubby lanes add to the character and fun.  Ethnic food can easily be easy to find as modern Australian and fusion inspirations. Victorian mansions still exist if we take our eyes way from the distractions on the streets.  These are mostly sited towards the University of Sydney side of Newtown.   Below photo shows the Trocadero, restored in 2007 (left of picture).

One of my delightful places is to spend breakky at the Campos Cafe in Missenden Road (photo above In December 2012).  King Street is the main foodie strip but there are around 600 shops in this precinct of Newtown.  John and Eliza Webster opened a business called New Town Stores and the name of a suburb took its cue.  Almost forty percent of the demographics here were born overseas, especially those speaking Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Thai.  Interesting enough , Newtown  is split in governance under the Sydney and Marrickville councils.

My other fav drop bys along King Street in Newtown itself and neighbouring Enmore:
The Flying Penguin
Spencer Guthrie
Black Star Pastry
Better Read Than Dead Bookshop
Square Peg Studios
Cafe Deli 242
Moo Woo Cow
Organic Pomegranate Cafe
Grub and Tucker
Cow &The Moon (Enmore)


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