Brasserie Bread, Sydney Airport T2, NSW

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The most recent occasion I had checking out a Brasserie Bread outlet was a make shift stall in a campus. On a warm Thursday morning, when it was not quite 630am, I came across the airport outlet in Sydney. It was well patronised, located in a an area surrounded by fast food breakfast retails and in a terminal that served both budget and full fledged airlines.  What stands out from BB is the quality and display  of its aromatic baked stuff. The coffee is steady and the menu they offer has variety, with sourdough and garlic bread being their current stand out offerings.  Having said that, the airport cafe menu is not as extensive as those in South Melbourne and Banksmeadow, southern Sydney.

Quinoa, rye, soya and eggs are favoured by BB.  I chose the crispy bacon with avocado, soft boiled egg and roasted  tomato on sourdough (photo above).  The bacon was a bit over on the salt front, but otherwise the other ingredients were served in an appetising mode, especially good for travellers taking long haul routes. Service was quick and friendly. Many young families were at this cafe preparing their young charges for the journeys ahead.

I did note the power porridge (with chia, apple and cinnamon, amongst other things) and the sandwich with slow cooked pork laced with Argentinian chimichurri sauce on Italian inspired schiacciatta.  Chimichurri goes well with grills and is suited well for use as a marinade - it utilises cilantro, olive oil, parsley and Oregano leaves in its mix.

Of interest for a future visit is a salad made by combining poached eggs, fetta, smoked trout and parsley garnish.  Lighter selections include a toasted muesli with yogurt and mixed berry compote.  On the other end of this spectrum is slow cooked pork, perhaps for dinner or lunch time.

BB at this Sydney airport location is open early from 6am and closes late at 9pm.Would I return to this cafe?  Definitely yes.  The layout is also pleasant, and for what they charge, they are in line with their airport location competitors but provide rather special choices.  The only things is that there is not much of a view, but hey this is in a transport terminal!


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