Tea'Se Me Tea Emporium, Wollongong CBD

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One of the more invigorating quick breakfasts I have had recently lately was at the Tea'Se Me Tea Emporium, along Keira Street in Wollongong CBD. I loved the bernaise sauce offered to accompany a bacon and egg toasted bagel special (image above) - it was absolutely delicious! The surroundings are homely and modern (picture below), with shelves of tea drinking contraptions, containers and variety.

Open weekdays from breakfast time till 5pm, and also for half a day on Saturdays, the emporium offers more than tea. There is a good selection of lunch snacks involving pide and more, with a good blend of cooking reminiscent of regional snacks and beach side practicality. There is the all day breakfast menu available. It is attractive for a gathering of mates as well as or the casual office crowd. To me it was a delightful discovery to have such a choice in contrast to the neighbouring Asian food outlets. This is recommended as a restful stop for shoppers visiting the nearby Crown Street pedestrian mall. The day I was there, there were youthful customers, family groups and those obvious tea lovers.


Charmaine said…
I like the sound of the name - Tea'Se Me. Sounds Asianish.

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