A New IKEA Store- Tempe, Sydney

I could not believe my eyes and ears - the above pictured meal cost me less than five Australian dollars in 2011. I had been aware of the bargain meals available at IKEA store canteens for years in various countries, but this was the first time that I have actually sampled it. If not for the bottomless and refillable glass of soft drink, it would have cost me under three dollars. The two hash browns were crispy and tasty, but best of all were the eggs.

IKEA's relatively new store at Tempe, in Sydney's south, with easy access from the Princes Highway, is the size of twenty football fields. It has the feel of a small airport and somehow gave me the vibes that it was better organised and laid out than either Sydney International or Domestic air terminals. Vehicle parking was logical sufficiently to make it easy to locate your car or motor bike after coming out. The usual IKEA store's recommended one way customer walk through flow system was most assuring. The store at Tempe provided more room scenarios like in an actual house, not just for lounge, study, bedroom, bath, kitchen and laundry, but also made lay out suggestions for children's spaces, compact unit requirements and storage areas. Staff members were still fresh and eager enough to help and be human. Visitors could sign up on line at various terminals near the canteen lobby to register to be members and receive various discounts. Usersers of the canteen were encouraged to place their trays and empty plates and cutlery on a conveyor belt in an effort to help clear tables fast.


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