The Backstreet Cafe, Wollongong CBD

It can be special and rare when I get to enjoy authentic food, prepared in the same way as still being done in the source country. Australian multiculturalism can also mean fusion in implementaion, especially when it comes to realistically attracting local diners. Whilst fusion in cuisine can also be exciting and inspiring, there is also room for transplanted communities to serve traditional styles of preparation. This authencity was experienced by me recently when Wills suggested trying out the Backstreet Cafe, a modest outfit beside an unassuming lane located off the pedestrian mall of Crown Street in Wollongong's city centre. The cafe specialises in northern Chinese noodles, both stir-fried or in soup, but also offers other choices in ramen and dishes from other parts of China and south-east Asia. Above image, hand made noodles in rich stock soup accompanied by katsu battered chicken.

Wills and I had an entree of Korean-styled kimchi (image above), which had a zip and kick of chili smeared and marinated with cripsy fresh bites of vegetable. That heralded a good start in our impressions of the cafe. The small dining area was also tastefully decorated with Beijing opera masks, hello porcelain cats and soft tiger cub toys, all remniscient of the north-eastern corner of China (picture below).

The beef version of noodle soup (above) with the katsu chicken below.


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