South Indian Mee Goreng

Yellow Hokkien noodles are thoroughly mixed in a potato-based gravy that is garnished with the juice of kalamansi limes, cut green chilies, prawn and onion fritters, a dash of spring onions, bits of Chinese celery. fried shallots, slices of hard boiled egg, fresh bean sprouts and tau kwa (deep fried pieces of firm tofu). The gravy is most critical in deciding the quality of the overall feel and taste of this dish, for it also contains a combination of dried shrimps, chicken curry paste, tamarind paste juice, ground fine peanuts and salted soybeans. The resulting product - mee rebus - pictured above from the kitchen of Janie Low - just means simmered noodles. Janie's version I tasted is removed from the main stream, a dry concoction but equally with the distinct flavours of this unique South Indian creation. Back on Penang Island, I just adore the version made by Mum!


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